Here is your opportunity to own the horse you have always dreamed of!

Why should my next friesian be a Royal Dutch?

Let us do the work for you
We pay immaculate attention to the selections we make for breeding stock. Whatever your particular discipline is, dressage, carriage, or a bombproof trail horse, we have the experience to match you with the perfect horse. We scour the Netherlands looking for the most stable temperaments, combined with the enchanted elegance, and beauty that the Friesian is known for. We do not compromise.


The friesian is a powerful breed that beckons awe. It’s structure, and imposing presence is truly impressive. A horse breed that is sturdy, and more than capable of any work, but on the same token its elegance shines in the dressage ring.

Stylish flare

Movement is the song of the body, and the expression in the friesian trot is an orchestra. Not many breeds posses the flare that is inherit to the friesian horse in its captivating gaits.

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