Royal Dutch Friesians from the bloodlines of royalty

Reina is a large 5 year old mare, who stands at 16.2. She is registered with KFPS and is registered within Studbook A.  Reina is nothing short of amazing. She stands forever for the vet, farrier, and loves people. She is a bombproof mare, great for beginners, and nervous riders alike. she is what we call a grandma safe horse. She has been genetically tested for the water head gene, and she is clear. Her X rays are clean.

Reina was imported from Friesland in foal to Elias 494. She had a stunning colt who we named Hector. She is a loving mother and takes great care of her foals. She will be bred in 2019 to Norbert 444.

Reina is sired by SPORT stallion Dries 421. 

Reina has an amazing pedigree (check it out below).  She has an abundance of sport, model, ster and preferent predicates throughout her pedigree. It would be hard to find a pedigree as special as hers.

Dries 421
Lolke 371


The friesian is a powerful breed that beckons awe. It’s structure, and imposing presence is truly impressive. A horse breed that is sturdy, and more than capable of any work, but on the same token its elegance shines in the dressage ring.

Stylish flare

Movement is the song of the body, and the expression in the friesian trot is an orchestra. Not many breeds posses the flare that is inherit to the friesian horse in its captivating gaits.

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