Royal Dutch Friesians from the bloodlines of royalty

Okke is a 5 year old bombproof Import gelding from Friesland. He is Level 2 dressage, ready for M testing. He is broke to Drive, and ride at a very high level. He has a beautiful long fairytale mane, with a raven black coat. Okke is a very gentle horse who will work hard to please you, responding easily to cues. He is confident to go through any obstacle that you ask, and traffic safe.

He is registered with KFPS in studbook A. He has a pedigree stacked full of SPORT and STER predicates.

His mother line is unbroken: STER-STER-STER-STER

Okke does it all. Not only does he have an amazing pedigree, he is the most handsome horse and his temperament is incredibly sweet and calm. What a great natured horse he is.

Felle 422
TIJE 401


The friesian is a powerful breed that beckons awe. It’s structure, and imposing presence is truly impressive. A horse breed that is sturdy, and more than capable of any work, but on the same token its elegance shines in the dressage ring.

Stylish flare

Movement is the song of the body, and the expression in the friesian trot is an orchestra. Not many breeds posses the flare that is inherit to the friesian horse in its captivating gaits.

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