Royal Dutch Friesians from the bloodlines of royalty

Indigo blessed us with her presence on the early morning of June 14, 2018. This filly was special from the day she was born. She is a confident, courageous, fearless, loving, intelligent, curious and social filly. She loves butt scratches and adores people. She is a very trusting and will lay on the ground while you cuddle her or clean the stall. She has been handled daily since she was born. She has fundamental ground work. She leads, ties, clips and stands great for the farrier. She has done yielding the hind-quarter, forequarter, backing up, desensitization to flag, rope and plastic bags. She has been exposed to many different stimuli throughout her short life. We believe in exposing our foals to many things when they are little so they are not surprised by things as they mature.

She has also been out of the barn this summer on a few excursions to get her use to different environments. One of those excursions was to the kuering. She received a high 2e premie.

Not only does this filly have an sweet disposition but she is stunning. She has a sport body and is built for dressage and carriage.

Indigo is registered with kfps and is out of champion- sport stallion tsjalle 454, who resides in the Netherlands. Her inbreeding CO% is extremely low at 1.17%. Her pedigree is stacked full of sport and ster predicates.  She has an impressive unbroken motherline Ster-ster-ster-ster.

She will be weaned the middle of December 2018. pictures are when she was 4 days, 8 weeks and 4 months of age. The video is of Indigo at only a few weeks old doing ground work. Pedigree is also posted with the pictures.



Tsjalle 454

Champion of the Stallion show in 2016

Bikkel 470


The friesian is a powerful breed that beckons awe. It’s structure, and imposing presence is truly impressive. A horse breed that is sturdy, and more than capable of any work, but on the same token its elegance shines in the dressage ring.

Stylish flare

Movement is the song of the body, and the expression in the friesian trot is an orchestra. Not many breeds posses the flare that is inherit to the friesian horse in its captivating gaits.

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