Royal Dutch Friesians from the bloodlines of royalty

Hector was born july 6, 2018. He is out of Elias 494. Elias, his father is known as the most talented dressage Friesian in the world. He won the 2018 grand prix! He is pictured in the gallery below.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hector is showing a lot of potential at his young age. He is a confident, well mannered foal that is athletic and loves to work. He enjoys learning and picks up on things very quickly. He has leaned all the fundamental ground work. He leads, ties, clips, stands great for the farrier and loves to be handled and brushed. He has done yielding the hind-quarter, forequarter, backing up, desensitization to flag, rope and plastic bags. We handle our foals daily and socialize them to different objects and noises so they learn confidence from a young age.

Hector has a very athletic build just like his father. His movement is impeccable. His mane is coming in thick and long. He should be a large horse as his mother stands at 16.2. One of the features that really stands out about hector is his neck and body structure. He has legs built for dressage and his neck is strong, long and raven shaped just like his father.

Hectors pedigree is not to be overlooked. His inbreeding CO% is extremely low at 1.17%. There are 13 sport predicates, multiple model and ster’s and even a kroon predicate, his pedigree is outstanding!

See pictures below, a video of hector, his father and his pedigree!

If you are looking for a future dressage horse with a fairytale look this is your boy. He is sure to be the talk of the show ring.

Price: $15, 900 USD


Elias 494
Dries 421



The friesian is a powerful breed that beckons awe. It’s structure, and imposing presence is truly impressive. A horse breed that is sturdy, and more than capable of any work, but on the same token its elegance shines in the dressage ring.

Stylish flare

Movement is the song of the body, and the expression in the friesian trot is an orchestra. Not many breeds posses the flare that is inherit to the friesian horse in its captivating gaits.

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